The Holy Cow

Yeah. We just said HOLY COW! We actually attempted to downplay this cow in our surveys but our respondents would have none of it. They insisted that this particular trait was vital in a relationship; not based on any particular belief necessarily but on the need that a certain parity exist where spiritual values (whatever they are or aren’t) are shared.

When the relationship faced tragedy together, even a great sense of humor couldn’t compensate for shared values and beliefs. Some broken relationships actually pointed to a tragic event as the end of their union for the simple reason that, when it really counted, one or both felt they were facing the tribulation alone.

Most agreed that a spiritual perspective helps the relationship to have a shared understanding of how they fit in the universe when times get rough. It actually didn’t have as much to do with religion as it did shared values. Those with a purely scientific perspective still found solace in each other when this dispassionate view was something both honestly shared.

Nearly every respondent felt that a lack of unity in this area would eventually lead to some form of disappointment, even when couples place little emphasis on it in the beginning.