The Fire Cow

Passion. Purpose. Dreams. Drive. Ambition. Fire! We can’t live without it. It motivates and gives life to our every intention. It ties our goals to a rocket and then lights the fuse.

What? You think some people can live without it? You perhaps offer as evidence your spouse or significant other drinking beer in front of the television? What you don’t know is that there is still a glowing fire inside of that couch potato. That’s what the beer and numbing entertainment are for. They are unconscious efforts to douse the fire, to cool the yearning inside for a better life.

The Fire Cow is the ability to direct your inherent fire toward something bigger than yourself. Those who harness this power can accomplish greatness and bring a warmth and happiness to their relationship.

Understanding the Fire Cow is critical to a thriving, healthy, relationship. In a relationship, you need to foster each other’s Fire Cow. Your combined fire is the perfect environment for when you choose to bring children into your union. They will still see a troubled world but will have the confidence and drive to change it for the better.