The Confidant Cow

Sorry to bring up a word you don’t hear everyday. “Confidant;” meaning, a person with whom one shares their most intimate matters—trusting completely that they will hold every conversation and communication appropriately private, sacred, and inviolate.

This type of intimacy doesn’t come easily. It invokes a level of trust that is both comforting yet terrifying. Comforting because a confidant is a person with whom you can let your safeguards down. You can be yourself and say what you feel. Terrifying because this person knows your secrets, your vulnerabilities, and holds your heart in their hands. No person on earth can hurt you as completely as a confidant.

For this very reason, many couples hold back. They claim they want better communication but deep down, refuse to allow themselves to open up. They have feelings, doubts, fears, and desires they won’t even admit to themselves. They live in fear that they will be found out. And unfortunately, their attitude creates a shadow of distrust in the relationship that neither person can identify.

The traits that headed the list of every survey or interview we conducted were honesty and communication. The Confidant Cow requires both.