The Eight-Cow Philosophy

The paradox of life, love, and relationships is that it is more than just acting in a certain way; parroting the behaviors of successful people and relationships. It is more about who you are, who you are becoming, and, deep down, who you want to be. In other words, your character eventually determines your actions. However…back to the paradox…by consciously choosing specific proven actions, you can influence your character; eventually changing who you are.

So which is it? Is it your character or your behavior?

Of course it is both.

The Eight-Cow Philosophy sees each cow as a character trait; one that is needed to sustain a modern, awesome, relationship. It also embraces the idea that adopting certain behaviors can change and mold your character as you begin to see the benefits inherent in each action. This process of becoming is the basis of a thriving, healthy, relationship.

Why Your Relationship is Priceless

According to the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, the top three most stressful events to occur in an adult’s life involve the loss of a spouse to either death, divorce, or separation. The loss of a spouse is so traumatic that doctors can actually predict the likelihood of serious illness after the event. Even those who would seem to benefit emotionally from separation or divorce will still experience the trauma of a lost love or dreams left unfulfilled.

Conversely, those who are able to nurture their relationship over time often describe their union, with all of its ups and downs as the source of their greatest happiness and fulfillment.

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“Solid character will
reflect itself in
consistent behavior,
while poor character
will seek to hide behind
deceptive words and
- Myles Munroe