Pinocchio killed Jiminy Cricket!
That’s not the way you heard the story?
Well, let me explain.

I grew up listening to the iconic Academy Award-winning song, “When You Wish upon a Star.” My parents would play it on a stereo LP on our Hi-fi in the living room. I loved the song because I knew that the singer was Jiminy Cricket from my favorite Disney movie, Pinocchio. I still can’t look at the night sky without hearing that song.

Later, on that same album, Jiminy sang, “Give a Little Whistle,” or the Conscience Song. That song brought me back to reality—clean my room and be nice to my sister—eat my vegetables. Good old Jiminy—always chirp-chirp-chirping away—nagging me to let my conscience be my guide.

I read the original story of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi a few years after seeing the movie. I was surprised to find in the book that Pinocchio picks up a hammer and kills the talking cricket rather than listen to its incessant advice. (They really had to soften up that scene for the movie!) Later, the cricket returns in spirit form to counsel a much more submissive and receptive puppet.

Since that time I have interviewed countless individuals who have taken some sort of blunt instrument to their conscience on their way to doing something stupid. At that point, they look like Pinocchio sporting donkey ears and a tail. They admit not listening to their inner voice that tried to cajole them away from the path that led to disaster.

At the Eight-Cow Relationship, we have found that those who listen to their conscience have better relationships. We encourage everyone to choose Conscience Over Will. (Yes, that spells COW.) We find it is better to have a COW than be like Lampwick and Pinocchio and turn into a . . .