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How to BE in a Relationship

In ancient lore, seekers of truth and wisdom would climb a high mountain to obtain counsel from the reclusive sage dwelling near the top. Today one can receive mountains of advice in seconds


I used to give blood quite regularly. I didn’t find it painful, people were grateful, and I really liked the punch and cookies afterwards. I have the blood type A-positive. It says

Give and Shake

A few years ago I attended the funeral of a family member. One of the speakers during the service mentioned that he had recently gone to a restaurant where the salt shaker had

Cutting The Stems Too Short

Today, at the supermarket I walked past a delightful display of pansies for sale. I was immediately transported in my mind to my childhood and my grandmother’s beautiful flower garden. Both my grandmother and

Eight is the New Seven

It seems like it all started with the book “The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People,” by Steven Covey—but in reality the number 7 has been popular in western culture for centuries. Consequently,

Trust Comes Slowly

Nearly every survey or interview we conducted at The Eight-Cow Relationship indicated that trust was foundational in any lasting relationship. The Confidant Cow or Trusted Friend Cow came in at number one on nearly

Young and Bored

I have a very broad taste in music that ranges from Bach to a lot of what kids are listening to these days. Some music takes a while to appreciate. I remember it took

Endure or End?

My son recently graduated from college in biomedical engineering. Having lunch with him is like cozying up to a stack of medical journals and scientific studies. A lot of what he likes to talk

The Value of Relationships

“So—what do you do for a living?” “I am a relationship expert.” Eye roll.“That sounds important—what do you really do?” Without blinking, I look past the eye roll and state “If you understood the value

The Language of Humor

Today, I would like to talk about the Clever Cow or The Wise and Witty Cow. I find sense of humor is fun but a surprisingly serious topic with many people. Here is a