About Kurt Dowdle

Kurt Dowdle is a writer, author, ghost writer, and innovator. After several books, he lost interest in ghost writing when an excerpt from one of his books ended up on the cover of USA Today credited to another author. (Ghosts don't get credit after all) His co-authors on 8-Cow now insist that he take both the credit and the blame for his writing.

You May Be Right

I was raised in a very conservative environment. We had a small family farm just outside the city limits where hard work and discipline were the order of the day. The political views of my

Actively Listening

Marge: Now the cat needs his medication... Homer: No problem. Marge: ...every morning. Homer: Can do. Marge: And the furnace has been giving off... Homer: Right. Marge: ...a lot of carbon monoxide... Homer: