Relationships—they can create our greatest happiness or most poignant sorrow. Yet with so much at stake, why do so many people wait to work on their relationships until it is too late? If we waited to fix the brakes on our cars until they failed, driving would be far riskier than it already is. Still, it seems very common to see individuals and couples suffering from the whiplash and broken bones of a promising relationship totaled by a catastrophic slow-motion crash—due to . . . what? Without knowing how a relationship is supposed to work, many never figure out what went wrong. So the blame game begins—which, of course, doesn’t work at all.

The Eight-Cow Relationship began with one question, “What does a relationship need to assure happiness, success, and sustainability?”
Eight traits—or metaphorically speaking, eight cows are needed for a successful, happy relationship. After years of research and interviews, we found that even one cow missing from the eight spelled discontent, unhappiness, or even downright misery—and often lead to the end of the relationship. However, when couples learn what these eight traits or cows are and how to bring them into their relationship, despair turns into hope—and happiness and success are the result.

The Eight-Cow Relationship is a results-guaranteed approach to finding the happiness and fulfillment in your relationship that you optimistically sought for in the beginning. It is more than a collection of tools to help fix a broken union. It is the plan. Nothing great is ever built without a plan—including a relationship. It isn’t based on any passing fad, yet uses all the latest multi-media technology to help you at home, on the go, or wherever you may be. Text, audio, and video will be at your fingertips through all of your devices to help you transform yourself and your relationship. This program works because it is easy to follow, comprehensive, and gets results—and it appeals to both men and women. Happiness and fulfillment with your loved one is just a click away.